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Data Privacy Management

Instructor-led | Data Security | 3 Days | Version 10.4.0

Data Privacy Management

Course Overview

This course is applicable to software version 10.4.0. Learn how to discover, classify, analyze, and monitor personal and sensitive data across your organization and gain skills to configure locations, data stores, data store groups, and extensions. Create data domains, classification policies, and run scans and jobs to discover sensitive data. Detect anomalies, monitor security policies, and user activity, and identify subject data.

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After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:
  • Describe the functional architecture of DPM
  • Articulate the core features and benefits of the product
  • Create and manage locations
  • Manage data stores and data group assignments
  • Manage Extensions
  • Identify and manage data domains and classification policies
  • Manage column sensitivity
  • Detect sensitive data in different sources
  • Create and manage scans and jobs
  • Create and manage security policies and security policy violations
  • Manage anomalies and suppression rules
  • Create and manage actions
  • Understand the functionality of ServiceNow extension
  • Customize and manage the Dashboard
  • Log and monitor user activity
  • Configure Subject Registry
  • Create Data Subject Access Request

Target Audience

  • Administrator
  • Business Analyst
  • End User



Module 1: Introduction to Data Privacy Management

  • Data Privacy Management (DPM) features and benefits
  • DPM functional architecture
  • DPM and Hadoop ecosystem
  • Subject Registry Architecture
  • DPM User Interface

Module 2: Configuration

  • System settings
  • Locations
  • Data store groups
  • Extensions
  • Remote agents
  • Data domains
  • Classification policies
  • Actions
  • Lab: Configure system settings
  • Lab: Define locations
  • Lab: Create a data store group
  • Lab: Create a data domain
  • Lab: Create a classification policy
  • Lab: Create extensions (custom, email)
  • Lab: Manage actions

Module 3: Discovery

  • Data stores
  • Detection of sensitive data
  • Scans
  • Job types
  • Job management
  • Column Sensitivity
  • Always Sensitive/Never Sensitive workspace
  • Risk score factor weightage
  • ServiceNow extension
  • Lab: Create a data store (Oracle)
  • Lab: Create and run a scan
  • Lab: View a jobs and job logs
  • Lab: Enable/disable column sensitive rules and view results
  • Lab: Change risk score factor weightage
  • Lab: Risk score simulation

Module 4: Security Policy Framework

  • Security policy framework
  • Security policy types
  • Security policy group
  • Security policy violations
  • Anomalies
  • Suppression Rules workspace
  • Lab: Create and manage a security policy and security policy groups
  • Lab: Filter, export, suppress, and delete anomalies
  • Lab: Filter, edit, export, and delete suppression rules

Module 5: Security Dashboard

  • Customization of Security Dashboard
  • Sensitive data grouping and indicators
  • Summary analytics
  • Global tagging and filtering
  • Lab: Customize the dashboard

Module 6: User Access

  • Key components of user access (Users, Groups, Group memberships, User access, User aliases)
  • User Access Widget
  • Types of integration
  • Lab: Import user and user group

Module 7: User Activity

  • Overview of user activity
  • User activity concepts
  • Top users
  • Impressions
  • Log user activity

Module 8: Subject Registry Onboarding

  • Subject registry
  • Subject data
  • Subject type
  • Lab: Single golden datastore
  • Lab: Two golden datastores
  • Lab: Order of golden datastores
  • Lab: Multi-value fields
  • Lab: Fuzzy match
  • Lab: Scan transactional systems

Module 9: Privacy Operations

  • Search subjects
  • Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)
  • Delegate actions
  • Legal holds
  • Third party shares
  • Breach notification
  • Lab: Search for Subjects & View Subject Data
  • Lab: View Historical Requests
  • Lab: Prepare data for DSAR
  • Lab: Download Reports in various Formats
  • Lab: Purge Historical Subject requests
  • Lab: Delegate Subject requests
  • Lab: Apply & remove legal holds
  • Lab: Generate Breach notification reports
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Instructor-Led | Data Security | 3 days | Version 10.4.0

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