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Cloud Application Integration Services for Developers

Instructor Led | Cloud | 3 Days | R38

Cloud Application Integration Services for Developers

Course Overview

This course is applicable to version R38. Gain the skills necessary to integrate applications and systems, implement business processes using process designer that can access data from on-premise as well as cloud, and expose them as composite APIs. This course is applicable to the Cloud Application Integration offering within Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS).

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After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Explain Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) and Cloud Application Integration (CAI)
  • Describe Processes and Guides
  • Consume third-party applications and REST/SOAP services
  • Establish error handling routines
  • Expose developed assets as API endpoints
  • Manage APIs

Target Audience

  • Developer
  • End User


  • None


Module 1: Overview of Cloud Application Integration

  • IICS Platform
  • Cloud Application Integration
  • Significance of Cloud Integration
  • CAI Features
  • CAI Assets
  • CAI Components

Module 2: Understanding the Basics: Process Designer

  • Processes
  • Process Designer
  • Process Steps
  • Process Execution
  • Lab: Create a basic process to display user input 

Module 3: Working with Assets

  • CAI assets
  • Process Objects
  • Connectors
  • Service Connectors
  • Connections
  • File Connection
  • Amazon S3 Connection
  • Kafka Connection
  • Salesforce Connection
  • RabbitMQ Connection
  • Demo: Create Amazon S3 Connection
  • Lab: Create a Process Object
  • Lab: Create a Service Connector
  • Lab: Create a connection using service connector
  • Lab: Create a JDBC Connection
  • Lab: Create a Customer and Order Details process
  • Lab: Create a File Connection
  • Lab: Create a Salesforce Connection
  • Lab: Create a Kafka Connection

Module 4: Adding Web Services to a Process

  • REST-based Service Connectors
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Web Service Call Processes
  • Lab: Invoke a Synchronous Web Service Call
  • Lab: Invoke an Asynchronous Web Service Call

Module 5: Fault Handling

  • Fault handling
  • Significance of fault handling
  • Fault handling techniques
  • Fault Triggers and methods to return a fault from a process
  • Lab: Handling Sub-process Failures
  • Lab: Handling Credential Failures

Module 6: Introduction to Guides Designer

  • Salesforce Managed Package
  • Guides Designer
  • Guides Designer Steps
  • Demo: Create and run a simple guide
  • Lab: Create and run a simple guide

Module 7: API Management

  • API Manager
  • API Registry
  • API Groups
  • API Portal
  • Managed API
  • Lab: API Manager 

Module 8: CAI and CDI Integration

  • Overview of IICS
  • Creating connections
  • Lab: Create a Flat File connection
  • Overview of Mapping Designer
  • Lab: Create a basic mapping using the flat file connection
  • Invoke a mapping in CAI
  • Lab: Invoke a mapping in CAI

Module 9: Troubleshooting, Tips & Tricks, Best Practices

  • Assets and Processes Management
  • Common Issues
  • Troubleshooting Methods

Module 10: CAI Live Project Walk-Through

  • Lab: CAI Live Project-Order Management
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Instructor Led | Cloud | 3 Days | Version R38

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