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Axon Installation and Configuration

Instructor Led | Data Quality | 2 Days | Version 6.2

Axon Installation and Configuration

Course Overview

Applicable for users of version 6.2. Explore the skills required to install, administer, and configure Informatica Axon. Learn how to install or upgrade Axon, configure integration with other Informatica products, troubleshoot and maintain your Axon environment, and backup and restore the Axon database.

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After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe Axons Architecture
  • Summarize the different Services in Axon, describing what each one does
  • Provide an overview of Axon Integration with Data Quality, EDC and [email protected]
  • Run the pre-validation script ahead of performing an Axon Installation
  • Install RPM files
  • Install Axon
  • Start the Axon Services and log into Axon
  • Upgrade Axon
  • Connect to Data Quality, EDC and [email protected]
  • Install Axon Quick Look
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Backup and restore Axons PostgreSQL database

Target Audience

  • Administrator


  • None


Module 1: Axon Architecture

  • Axon Components and Service

Module 2: Axon Integration Overview

  • Axon Integration with Data Quality
    • The Axon Agent
  • Axon Integration with EDC
  • Axon Integration with [email protected]

Module 3: Axon PreValidation and Installation

  • System Pre-requisites
  • Run the prevalidation script
  • Install RPMs
  • Install Axon
  • Start the Services
  • Log into Axon
  • Lab: Run the pre-installer utility and add any missing RPMs
  • Lab: Install Axon and verify the installation was successful

Module 4: Upgrading Axon

  • System Pre-requisites
  • Upgrade Axon
  • Start Services
  • Log into Axon
  • Lab: Verify the system meets the requirements for an upgrade
  • Lab: Upgrade from 5.4 to 6.2 and verify the upgrade was successful

Module 5: Axon Admin Panel

  • Operational Management:
    • Static Page Editor
    • Resync LDAP
    • Download logs
  • Customize and Configure
    • Change the Logo
    • Customize Styles
    • System Settings:
      • SAML
      • Email
      • LDAP
  • Lab: Review the Admin Dashboard
  • Lab: Review the Static/Help pages
  • Lab: Change the Logo and review where to update Style Sheets
  • Lab: Configure Axon including defining the LDAP Server and synchronizing Org Units and Users
  • Lab: Review logs

Module 6: Axon Integration with Data Quality

  • Integration with EDC
  • Configure Parameters in the Admin Panel
  • Connect to EDC
  • Onboarding EDC Attributes into Axon

Module 7: Axon Integration with [email protected]

  • Integrate with [email protected]
  • Configure Parameters in the Admin Panel
  • Leveraging SatS Dashboards in Axon
  • Lab: Update the Admin Panel to include both EDC and SATS configuration information
  • Lab: Connect to EDC and review the Resources and Columns in Axon
  • Lab: Verify the appropriate steps have been taken in EDC to facilitate automatic onboarding into Axon
  • Lab: Configure and test auto onboarding
  • Lab: Review a SATS Privacy Dashboard in an Axon System
  • Lab: Connect an Axon policy to a policy in SATS and review the Privacy Dashboard

Module 8: Axon Integration with Data Quality

  • Integration with Data Quality using the Axon Agent
  • Install the Axon Agent
  • Configure Parameters in the Admin Panel
  • Lab: Install and start the Axon Agent
  • Lab: Post Installation Tasks
  • Lab: Verify the agent has installed correctly through the configuration and automatic update of a local rule
  • Lab: Configure the parameters for local rule generation from standard rules
  • Lab: Create standard rules and verify that local rules are generated

Module 9: Axon Quick Look

  • Axon Quick Look Overview
  • Axon Quick Look Installation
  • Lab: Installing Axon Quick Look

Module 10: Maintain Axon

  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Identify related Services
  • Review relevant Logs
  • Verify Service Statuses
  • Restart Services
  • Resolve issues
  • Lab: Trouble shooting Axon

Module 11: Backup and Restore Axons PostgreSQL Database

  • Backup Axons PostgreSQL Database
  • Restore a PostgreSQL backup
  • Lab: Backup a postgresql database
  • Lab: Restore a postgresql database

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Instructor Led | Data Quality | 2 Days | Version 6.2

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