Axon Installation and Configuration

OnDemand | Data Quality and Governance | Self-Paced | Version 7.1

Course Overview

Applicable for users of version 7.1. Explore the skills required to install, administer, and configure Informatica Axon. Learn how to install or upgrade Axon, configure integration with other Informatica products, troubleshoot and maintain your Axon environment, and backup and restore the Axon database.


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe Axons Architecture
  • Summarize the different Services in Axon
  • Provide an overview of Axon Integration with Data Quality, Enterprise Data Catalog and Data Privacy Management
  • Run the pre-validation script ahead of installing Axon
  • Install RPM files
  • Install Axon
  • Start the Axon Services and log into Axon
  • Upgrade Axon
  • Connect to Data Quality, EDC and DPM
  • Install Axon Quick Look
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Backup and restore Axons PostgreSQL database

Target Audience

  • Administrator


  • None
Module 1: Axon Architecture
  • Axon Components and Service
  • Lab: Starting your Environment
Module 2: Axon Integration Overview
  • Introduction Overview
  • Axon Integration with Data Quality
    • The Axon Agent
  • Axon Integration with EDC
  • Axon Integration with Data Privacy Management
Module 3: Axon PreValidation and Installation
  • System Pre-requisites
  • Run the pre-validation script
  • Install RPMs
  • Install Axon
  • Troubleshoot the Axon Installation
  • Lab: Pre validating the System ahead of the Axon Installation
  • Lab: Installing Axon
Module 4: Upgrading Axon
  • System Pre-requisites
  • Upgrade Axon
  • Post Upgrade Tasks
  • Lab: Preparing for an Upgrade
  • Lab: Upgrading Axon
Module 5: Axon Admin Panel
  • Admin Panel Overview
  • The Admin Dashboard
  • Data Governance Operating Model
  • Meta Model Administration
  • Operational Management
  • Customize and Configure
  • Logs
  • Admin Activity Logs
  • Lab: The Admin Dashboard
  • Lab: Data Governance Operating Model - Licensed Users
  • Lab: Meta Model Administration - The Static Page Editor
  • Lab: Operational Management – Data Onboarding Rules
  • Lab: Operational Management – Review Logs
  • Lab: Customize & Configure - Review how to update the logo and styles
  • Lab: Customize & Configure – System Settings - Configure Email
  • Lab: Customize & Configure – System Settings - Import LDAP Users
  • Lab: Customize & Configure - Application Settings – DQ Rules
  • Lab: Logs
  • Lab: Admin Activity Logs
Module 6: Axon Integration with Enterprise Data Catalog
  • EDC Overview
  • Integration with EDC
  • Automated Onboarding
  • Troubleshooting
  • Lab: Integrating with EDC
  • Lab: Verify the Integration with EDC
Module 7: Axon Integration with Data Privacy Management
  • Data Privacy Management Overview
  • Integration with Data Privacy Management
  • Leveraging DPM Dashboards in Axon
  • Lab: Configure the integration with Data Privacy Management
  • Lab: Verify the Integration with Data Privacy Management
Module 8: Axon Integration with Data Quality
  • Informatica Data Quality Overview
  • Axon Agent Overview
  • Data Quality Rule Automation
  • Installing the Axon Agent
  • Post Installation Tasks
  • Verifying the Agent Installation
  • Troubleshooting Data Quality Integration
  • Lab: Installing the Axon Agent for Integration with Data Quality
  • Lab: Post Installation Tasks
  • Lab: Testing Data Quality Integration
  • Lab: Data Quality Rule Automation
Module 9: Axon Quick Look
  • Axon Quick Look Overview
  • Axon Quick Look Installation
  • Lab: Installing Axon Quick Look
Module 10: Maintaining Axon
  • Service Overview
  • Axon Services and Logs
  • General Troubleshooting
  • Lab: Troubleshooting Axon
Module 11: Backup and Restore Axons PostgreSQL Database
  • Backup Axons PostgreSQL Database
  • Restore a PostgreSQL backup
  • Lab: Backup a postgresql database
  • Lab: Restore a postgresql database

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