ActiveVOS Integration

for Product 360

onDemand | MDM | Self-Paced | ActiveVOS Version, Designer Version and P360 Version 10.1

Course Overview

Gain the skills required to explore the business process management use cases for Product 360. Learn how to use ActiveVOS to design, develop, test, deploy, and monitor business process workflows for Product 360. This course is applicable to ActiveVOS server software version, Designer version, and Product 360 Version 10.1.


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Explain Product 360 and ActiveVOS integration
  • Describe the various types of workflows for Product 360
  • Configure and execute step workflows
  • Describe queue-based communication
  • Configure participants, variable, correlation sets and expression
  • Configure queue-based workflows with result handling
  • Configure queue-based workflows with Service API one-way calls

Target Audience

  • Developer


  • MDM ActiveVOS Beginner Implementation (onDemand)
Module 1: ActiveVOS and Product 360 Integration Overview
  • Introduction to Product 360 and AVOS Integration
  • Business Process Management perspective
  • BPM Accelerator
  • Types of workflows
  • ActiveVOS Designer Recap
  • BPM Console
  • Lab: Setup workspace preferences
Module 2: Step Workflow
  • Step workflow XML files
  • Step workflow examples
  • Execute step workflow examples
  • Lab: Execute Step Workflow with a single task
  • Lab: Execute Step Workflow with two tasks
  • Lab: Execute Step Workflow with two tasks and perform data quality check
  • Lab: Execute Sequential and Parallel Tasks Workflow
  • Lab: Execute Sequential and Parallel Tasks Workflow with Approval
  • Lab: Execute a supplier task
  • Lab: Execute a supplier task with approval
  • Lab: Execute tasks and merge on approval
Module 3: Queue-based Workflows
  • Message queue-based communication
  • Participants
  • Expression Building
  • Variables
  • Correlation
  • Process Deployment
  • Configure and execute Service API one-way calls
  • Configure and execute P360 Service API calls with result handling
  • Lab: Configure Process for Queue-based Workflow
  • Lab: Simulate and Deploy Process
  • Lab: Configure Result Handling
  • Lab: Deploy and Test Result Handling
  • Lab: Execute Service API One-way Calls

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