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Program Overview

Informatica University Education Subscriptions are collections of Informatica Instructor Led and Self-Paced courses with hands-on labs and Certifications to instill the knowledge and skills needed for success. Each package is curated to provide core training as well as opportunities to expand skills across Informatica products and solutions. Each program gives continual access to training for 365 days, giving substantial opportunities to learn at a fraction of the cost.

Learn the fundamentals of Informatica Intelligent Cloud Data Integration so you can integrate data between cloud-based applications and on-premises systems. Develop and implement integration solutions for cloud, multi-prem, and hybrid environments.

Students can learn to:

  • Design data transformations
  • Manage a variety of source and target definitions
  • Apply expression logic to data without writing SQL
  • Monitor and repair PowerCenter Sessions and Workflows
  • Create and run Tasks, Mappings, and Taskflows
  • Automate data integration jobs
  • Use Cloud Mapping Designer and create Mapping Tasks
  • Use advanced features to enhance and optimize integrations
  • Configure Mass Ingestion task
  • Perform transformations such as Hierarchy Parser and Unconnected Lookups
  • Use advanced features such as Macro Expressions and Dynamic Linking
  • Develop processes
  • Expose process API endpoints
  • Consume third-party REST/SOAP services from processes

Target Audience

  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Operator
Power User Axon for Community Users (Instructor Led or onDemand) Axon Content Curation (Instructor Led) Axon for Power Users (Instructor Led) Axon Data Governance (Professional Certification) Axon Data Governance (Professional Certification) Axon Data Governance (Professional Certification) Some more content to make this bigger asdf asdf asdf

Informatica offers programs to extend learning in convenient and economic packages. Programs include self-paced subscriptions as well as bundled instructor led training and certifications. Each program is curated around a specific skillset to enable customer success.

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