Interested in DATA Higher Ed Solutions that Fits Your University?

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Interested in DATA Higher Ed Solutions that Fits Your University?

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Modernize Education with a Comprehensive Focus on Student, Staff Alumni, and Faculty Experiences.

It was great seeing you at the Merit Membership Conference! 

We hope you had the chance to view our presentation, Student Lifecycle, and Improving Student Experience, if not, you can view it here.

Today’s virtual educational environment requires complete access to data and digital services for students, faculty, and staff. To meet these demands, institutions need high-quality data that provides a seamless view of the educational lifecycle of a student across functions, including recruitment, academic studies, on-campus and off-campus life, and educational program transitions. As students graduate, institutions also need visibility into their alumni data, such as the degrees conveyed, extracurricular activities participated in, and the nature of alumni engagement.

Proper data management delivers on increased access to education, regulatory compliance, single source of truth, real-time processing, and cost reductions across the board. Having the ability to leverage clean data is powerful.

Managing the life cycle of a student, from recruitment to their alumni status, is the one thing missing in an institution today. A golden record, or single source of truth, of a student, faculty, and or staff, has become a powerful tool in Higher Education and the Systems that support them. It should be a single source of the correct information and shouldn’t be like the elusive golden goose.

By working with partners such as CTI and MTX, Informatica can show you how a 360-degree view of the student lifecycle can benefit your higher education organization. Talk with us today and find out more and view our blog!

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