Learn Why Your Business Needs an Enterprise Architecture that Puts Data First

IT is in crisis. Just 13% of IT executives said their organizations were effective at introducing new technologies faster than their competitors, according to a recent McKinsey study1.

Our just-released eBook — Think ‘Data First’ to Drive Business Value — outlines why data-centric enterprise architecture matters and provides a blueprint for bringing it to life for your business.

Think ‘Data First’ to Drive Business Value makes clear:

  • Three design pillars that’ll streamline and standardize management of data architectures, processes, and technologies
  • Seven examples of common business processes and applications — from data security to data warehousing — that are more effective when you take a data-centric approach to their architectures
  • Informatica’s vision for an intelligent data platform that’s a win for architects, IT, and your enterprise

Find out more about how and why enterprise data architecture is enterprise architecture. Get your complimentary copy of Think ‘Data First’ to Drive Business Value today.

12013 Global Annual Survey on Business & Technology Strategy, McKinsey, http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/business_technology/it_under_pressure_mckinsey_global_survey_results