Ensure Success in Any Legacy Modernization Investment

How to attract, identify, and keep your most profitable customers

Increasing knowledge about a customer’s total relationship with your company is key for a company’s short-term bottom-line and long-term growth. In a changing regulatory and demographics landscape, companies must use data management and analytics to identify and retain the most profitable customers.

This just released eBook, “Potential Unlocked: Improving Revenue and Customer Experience in Financial Services,” is filled with examples from forward-thinking executives who have not only survived, but also thrived by unlocking the value of customer information. Read how Merrill Lynch resolved its customer data issues—and learn business intelligence methods for success. You’ll get clear strategies for implementing a powerful information management infrastructure and learn:

  • The role customer information plays in taking customer experience to the next level
  • Best practices for shifting account-centric operations to customer-centric operations
  • Common barriers and pitfalls
  • Strategies and experiences from best-in-class companies

Discover how others have overcome common legacy modernization barriers, and learn the financial services data infrastructure strategies that really work.

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