Bloor Research Comparative Costs and Uses for Data Integration Platforms

Bloor Research Comparative Costs and Uses for Data Integration Platforms

Bloor Research: Data Integration Survey Results

“Bloor Research has set out to provide the marketplace with some of the most comprehensive information available as to the types of projects that data integration platforms are being used for, on what scale, and whether this differs by integration product” noted the author, Philip Howard from Bloor Research, a leading independent IT research, analysis, and consulting firm.

The survey details six areas of data integration costs and uses. Informatica was ranked high in the following categories:

  • Suitability for a variety of uses
  • Productivity
  • Reusability
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Howard stated in the survey report that “Informatica is deemed to be the most suitable product across a wide range of scenarios.” And he wrote that, from a TCO perspective, in non-homogeneous environments, “Informatica is clearly the value choice,” and that it is “well ahead” of two other large vendors.

“This Bloor Research survey report reaffirms that Informatica’s data integration platform delivers business value more quickly than competing or manual approaches across a wide range of environments – from departmental to enterprise, transactional to big data and in hybrid, on-premise and cloud environments. It is clear from the survey that companies believe the Informatica platform offers very strong long-term value over a broad range of integration scenarios” said Todd Goldman, VP and GM, Enterprise Data Integration and Data Quality, Informatica.

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